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Using the GTD customized cleaning method, we provide an affordable and quality home environment cleaning and routine housekeeping service.  Top-to-bottom cleaning is a great place to start if you are looking to start housekeeping service, or if you're simply looking for a one time cleaning. All services comes with sanitizing, high touch cleaning, and the GTD Service Guarantee


  • Windows sills and ledges.

  • Light fixtures and ceiling fans

  • Spot cleaning throughout

  • Baseboards, doors, banisters and exterior of cabinets

  • Low and High Dusting throughout and windowsills, ledges and blinds

  • Light switches, lamps, decor 

  • Dust and spot treat furniture

  • Minimum pick up and straightening provided

  • Doors, door frames, entryways

  • Vacuum all carpets and rugs

  • Wet or Steam-mop all hard floor surfaces 

  • Softwash / Wet-vac carpets

  • Empty wastebaskets and remove trash

  • Complete dusting and wipedown of all surfaces

  • Remove buildup in bathrooms and kitchen

  • Wipedown cabinets

  • Clean and disinfect sinks, countertops, vanities

  • Clean and sanitize toilets

  • Clean and sanitize tubs and showers

  • Polish mirrors and chrome fixtures

  • Appliances (exterior). Both exterior and interior cleaning available with all deep cleans and available upon request for routine housekeeping.

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The advantages are numerous when it comes to the HTC cleaning. Utilized for commercial, residential, medical and industry of all types, advanced vapor technology takes your environmental and facilities management to the next level. Combining the cleaning process with disinfection and sterilization, HTC uses high temperature and pressurized steam vapor to clean, sanitize and condition. HTC can also be used to purify and sterilize surrounding air, and is a faster, safer, and environmentally friendly way of managing your personal or work environment. HTC is also an approved hospital grade form of cleaning. NO CHEMICALS. The power, effectiveness, and time savings when HTC is employed effectively has net positive impacts to operational budgets and overall management. 

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  • Can be used for office, residential commercial and medical facilities; carpet cleaning, windows and glass, remediation, mold removal, upholstery/fabrics, hard surface cleaning/floors, auto detailing or fleet maintenance, venues, bars and restaurants, and more. 

  • Non wet and no soaking. Vapor droplets dry within minutes.

  • Cleans hard and porous surfaces that an extractor cannot

  • No harsh chemicals, residue or abrasiveness. Water and heat is all that is required with a well trained cleaning technician.

  • Effective, efficient, time and cost saving

  • Multiple attachments and versatile, HTC can handle any job from soft or light surfaces and delicate to heavy duty industrial environments

  • Backed by the GTService Guarantee

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Businesses and institutions can’t afford to risk the safety of their workers and customers in today's market. More than ever, having a reliable, quality and knowledgeable cleaning and sanitation partner is important. When you partner with us, you not only get a service that's bak by the GTService Guarantee, you also receive a customized environmental management and cleaning program that's specific to your unique business or organization environment - A contract provider that's has consistent in quality at every facility you oversee and manage. Over the years, through trial and error and utilizing industry analytics and data, we've created a unique benchmarked performance standard that goes above and beyond while meeting efficiency and quality expectations.   


  • Customized facility maintenance programs and services for offices, medical facilities, institutions, warehouse facilities, educational centers, retail, industrial, and other commercial and government facilities

  • Routine janitorial and environmental contracted services

  • Post Construction Cleaning and Clear out 

  • Exterior Cleaning, Window Cleaning, Pressure Washing and Softwashing, Hard Surface and Facade Cleaning

  • Hospital Grade Cleaning

  • Warehouse Cleaning

  • High Dusting, High Touch Cleaning, Commercial Deep Cleaning, Restoration and Preventative Maintenance

  • Includes emergency and COVID-19 remediation service

  • IFMA, CTA and OSHA Standards

  • Assigned Account / Project Manager

  • Open and direct communication

  • Supplies and Equipment included

  • Certified, Licensed, Bonded 

  • 3 Million in Liability Insurance

  • Drone Operated Property Inspection and Surveying

  • Benchmarked Cleaning Standards and Best Practices

  • GTService Guarantee

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From the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and before, we've been standing on the front lines cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing homes and workspaces and facilities. Employing industry standards and up-to-date best practices, and the latest in safety equipment technology, GTD remains proactive, innovative, and dedicated to assisting members of the community and Ohio residents in stayin safe and operating .


  • BIO Cleaning (airborne and non-toxic)

  • Emergency and COVID-19 response service

  • HTC Steam Clean Vapor Fogging Disinfection and Sanitizing 

  • High Touch/Duct Vac and Flush

  • Facility Detail Cleaning

  • Leaves no chemical, residue or moisture trace

  • Single member or Large Crew 

  • Certified, Licensed, Bonded 

  • 3 Million in Liability Insurance

  • GTService Guarantee

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"What a neat service. My girlfriend and I hired Gimme The Dirt to clean our new home after finding them on Groupon. They cleaned to perfection and found us some cool houseplants and pots, too! The experience through Groupon was a little confusing, but to be fair it was our first time using the service. Sarah and her team made everything perfect and we couldn't be happier with the results."


—  Jill B.

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