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DRONE services

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Construction projects, gutters and roof, powerline and utility inspection, simple property surveys, interior high ceilings/atriums, assets to fleets and stockpiles or a whole site surveying, we've got you covered!  


Management of assets and facilities are known for bringing more than their fair share of logistical challenges.  UAV technology provides a much needed layer of coverage and accessibility and management. We fly P4 and commercial drones capable of terrain following flights to optimise management and service.  Our drones are able to manage steep and deep site locations and can weather all types of  flight worthy climates. We can upload data to your platform of choice or process it internally and deliver professional and customized images or image+datasets. We are also able to conduct vertical wall mapping flights to provide a perfect, high accuracy 3D image suitable for inspections, building and geological, geotechnical and agriculture or landscape mapping.



  • General aerial images and surveys 

  • Utility, roof, facade, stockpile, fleet, building, sporting venue, building and facility inspection

  • Detailed 3D flights, wall scanning, geological mapping

  • Agriculture and landscape surveys and mapping 

  • Safety and quality check flights

  • Asset management and security flights

  • Custom imaging and datasets 

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