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Carpet Cleaning & Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning uses extremely hot vaporized water with a cleaning solution to clean carpets, rugs, upholstery and other items. Water is heated to an exceptional degree, then combine with our eco-friendly cleaning solution, all contained within a machine that looks a little like a vacuum cleaner but cleans like a commercial grade piece of equipment. Unlike shampooing, steaming is far more effective at breaking down tough dirt and soil, 10 times more effective at killing germs and viruses, and takes a fraction of the time to clean with little dry time - typically in one to two hours. As that heat meets the fibers, it helps break down dirt, stains and remove orders. The moisture is then immediately sucked up, leaving your carpet or furniture item relatively dry.

Steam cleaning is a pretty simple concept to grasp, and it provides a wide-ranging selection of benefits. Here are just a few:

  • Stain and Dirt Removal - When hot vapor comes into contact with the fibers of your carpet or furniture item, the extreme heat weakens the very bonds that hold dirt and staining compounds to those fibers. Once weakened, dirt and stains can be removed far more easily.  It’s the same principle that makes washing your clothes in hot water so much more effective. The vapor will also work its way down to the deepest layers, providing a more thorough clean than vacuuming or shampooing.

  • Killing Bacteria and Mites - Bacteria, mold, fungus, and dust mites can all thrive in carpet and upholstery tems, and can be very tough to completely remove using conventional cleaning methods. With steam cleaning, and Gimme The Dirt's ECO-SYSTEM Cleaning Solution, the heat is combined with the vapor, 99% effective at removing unwanted invaders and pollutants.

  • Zero Pollutants - People tend to think that more intensive cleaning results in damage and chemical use, but that’s not the case with steam cleaning. Unlike shampooing, steam cleaning does not use chemicals; in fact, steam cleaning sterilizes any pollutants that have already found their way into your home or place of business.

  • Equipment - We use a range of equipment to accomplish cleaning jobs of all kind. Bottom line, steam is steam and while having the right equipment is essential, it generally comes down to how effective the cleaning solution being used is at its job.


When we clean your carpet we use the latest steam cleaning systems/extractors to achieve the best results possible. We extract dirt, stains, orders and allergens from your carpet using our ECO-SYSTEM cleaning solution that doesn't leave a residue and dryings faster than the conventional. Powerful steam cleaning equipment extracts virtually all moisture used in the cleaning process. This leaves your carpet or furniture item with minimal moisture, gives a fresh, clean feel and look that dries quickly. 

To extend the life of your investment, the ECO-SYSTEM cleaning solution not only cleans but protects. It even reduces static electricity. And adding this carpet protection is a great way to preserve your carpet and protect against everyday wear and tear.  We especially recommend steam cleaning for homes with high traffic and kids or pets. 

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